6 the Smartphone Technology that will be the trend in 2018

Smartphone trends over the last year is indeed a pursed features sophisticated. If the previous two years in large-screen smartphone with (above 5) dominated the market, is now a full-screen smartphone with barely any bezel (bezeless) and camera detectors is precisely most sought by many people.

See the magnitude of the trend with market interests, then it's no wonder many reputable vendors repeatedly introduced this feature in its flagship. Call it the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy X Note 8, Google Pixel 2, F5, Oppo Vivo V7 a Plus, and several others.

In fact, the technology trend is only present through the premium smartphone aimed for the upper class. So it could be said, premium-class market still dominates this trend.

Thus, whether the smartphone technology trends this year will continue to be sustainable on the upcoming 2018? Will the class entry level to medium will also follow similar trends?

Gadget expert Herry SW, revealing there will be six technology trends that will dominate the smartphone market in 2018. What's it? check out the search along The Daily Octagon following.
The Middle Class Would Critical Limits Stretcher Screen Bezeless

Herry said, existing smartphone trends in Indonesia is in fact the same as trends that are in many other countries.

He acknowledged the biggest trend is bezeless gets attention along the 2017. It is not impossible, according to her screen smartphone trends bezeless (with 2:1 or 18:9 display ratio) will continue in the years ahead.


However, said Herry, if in this screen bezeless is only present through the premium class, in front of the smartphone screen bezeless will present at the middle segment.

"We can already guess kok, next year there will be some ' players ' who released the latest series of the middle class with a bezeless," said Herry told The Daily the Octagon.
Herry unfortunately does not reveal which manufacturer will carry the bezeless screen in the middle class. But if you refer to the rumors circulating, one player called Herry allegedly powerful is Samsung.

The technology giant is known, the origin Country of the middle is Ginseng prepares his secondary class, Galaxy series A5, which is rumored to be carrying the Infinity Display bezeless screen ala Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Thus, in addition to Samsung, is there any other vendors also were preparing similar measures? Herry said, "that there must be some, so those thinkers in front of a full-screen smartphone that not only are expensive."
USB Type-C

Herry also said, would more new smartphone that comes with a USB port Type-C in 2018. This indicates, the Micro-USB B port or 2.0 will not again become a trend.

"That certainly will be some or perhaps many smartphone comes with a USB port Type-C. USB type use this one a lot and certainly better than Micro-B, "call the guy a gadget review hobby.

Some of the benefits, further Herry, among others such as USB Type-C turned out to be used in different positions back and forth, with 2.0 that can only be used in an upward position.

In addition, the USB Type-C also claimed faster to help process the transfer of documents and can charge more quickly, even though it is not supported with the ability to Fast Charging.
Face Recognition

Fingerprint scanner aka fingerprint turns out to be no longer considered as advanced features on a smartphone. In fact, this feature had become the trend over the last few years. iPhone 5s arguably so pionirnya.

Thus, according to Herry, trends that will replace the fingerprint scanning features is face Recognition, Face or alias is also called facial scanning.

This feature had previously been adopted in some of the premium-class released in 2017, some of which like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy X Note 8. Face Recognition is also present on middle-class smartphones, such as the Oppo F5 and Vivo V7.

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"It is not impossible method screen opens smartphones with a face could become a trend, and I think a lot of vendors setting up new products with this technology in the next year," tukasnya,
A Double Equivalent Camera DSLR

Speaking of double camera that has become the trend of the smartphone 2017, Herry uncover this trend will continues until some years into the future, or even in a long period of time.

"The configuration is the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, or some other series with two doubles, a single camera the lens to telephoto mode, and the other wide-angle mode," said Herry.

With these capabilities, the effect of photo shooted at will produce the image of ' bokeh ' ala professional cameras like DSLR shooting or mirrorless.
Bye-bye Headphone 3.5 mm Jack!

The absence of holes 3.5 mm headphone jack, will also become a popular trend. Whereas, according to Herry, this was first done at the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus since January 2016.

"It took a long time for several vendors in order to finally be able to follow the ' trails ' Apple to remove the headphone hole on its newest product. In 2017 also there have been several, such as Pixel 2, Xiaomi Mi 6, the HTC U11, "said Herry.



Later, a new smartphone without holes 3.5 mm headphone jack will rely on wireless technology. It is not impossible, some of whom will follow Apple released a special wireless earphones for iPhone without headphone jack hole.
Without The Home Button

Along with the trend bezeless, the physical home button will disappear on Herry predicted range of the latest smartphones in the next year. Instead, the smartphone screen can be embedded fingerprint to unlock the screen.

"iPhone X already first, but he's counting on FaceID (facial scanner technology). Some of the vendors are likely to follow Apple smartphone. Vivo has also introduced the technology Under Display Fingerprint Scanning right. So smartphone – his later will not use the physical home button, open the smartphone just need to touch the screen, "said Herry.

Thus, in the absence of the home button, your smartphone will actually perform with screen intact. The alternative to open the screen, users can take advantage of features Face Recognition, Iris Scanning, as well as fingerprint embedded directly in the bottom of the screen such as Vivo.

Innovation in the smartphone market is certainly not going to stop until things above. Of course there are many more innovations that are being prepared and saved meetings by the vendors to surprise the consumer smartphones in the future.

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