About us

http://www.mylikeshare.me  is a site that reviews technology and digital lifestyle inspiration.

Rapid pace of technological developments and trends in Indonesia in the past decade affecting significantly the community lifestyle and make many things easier; starting from communicating, sharing moments, access information, drive, to realize creative ideas. Every day, the ability of people to adopt the technology more quickly. Technology is no longer a luxury item and instead have become close friends who make life more colorful.

Our passion is great in the world of digital lifestyle prompted us to record information and share inspiration surrounding the digital lifestyle.

"Makin day, current information about technology increased and we want to provide a container for it, which can be accessed by many people to absorb information about digital lifestyle around us." Wirjadi Lorens
www.mylikeshare.me made to bring closer the technology with the audience, with you our readers.

According to the DNA of the Octagon, we provide the depth of information useful to the reader who is familiar with the cultural approach and relevant, all aimed to help communities adopt technology are appropriate.

We connect many digital lifestyle stakeholders and invites them to share inspiration. Each other to learn and hopefully it could trigger a new wave of technology-based works that are increasingly making the dynamic world of digital lifestyle in Indonesia stretched.

The purpose of www.mylikeshare.me is making Indonesia the more technological literacy. The right knowledge and qualified can take us all running far ahead.

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